The Saga of Thunderlip Jones, book one, for Don & Lee, by Kell D. Robertson, Jr.1969, mimeo, 8 pages, & I’m not sure who did the drawing . . . Desperado Press, San Francisco . . .Larry Goodell

Kell Robertson has passed, His name will mean nothing to you unless you are a dedicated follower of American “outlaw” poetry or have read More Miles Than Money. I heard about Kell in No Depression magazine and he struck me as a fascinating character – a country singer and roustabout and poet – so made contact and dropped in on him when driving through New Mexico. He was a real character and had lived a remarkable life and sure could tell a story. He was also a very fine poet – dubbed a “Cowboy” poet, he disliked this as he didn’t write rhyming stanzas about horses but instead penned a hard, lean poetry about life on the margins in the South West. He also made a couple of albums – he was one croaky singer but wrote a good honky tonk song.

We stayed in contact and I was hoping to visit him in 2012 so this is very sad news for me. That said, he had a good innings – I’m guessing he was 80 or 81 – and drank and smoked heavily. It seems he died of a broken heart which, for a poet, is perhaps the perfect (if painful) way to go. RIP Kell, it was good knowing you. — Garth Cartwright Fri Nov 11, 2011 6:35 pm